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How Do YOU Treat Unwanted Cold Callers?

Question For Discussion: When you receive a cold call but are not interested in what's being offered, what do you do?

Remember, you're getting a true, out-of-the-blue cold call, so you owe nothing (other than common courtesy, perhaps) to the sales professional who made the call.

Here's a poll. Click on your response (be honest!), then click on the link below for my opinion.

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I'm a bit of a special case, because I'm into selling as an art form. Because of my own interests, I sometimes listen to the cold call script, and then spend a few minutes going over it, with the sales professional, in order to improve the future conversion rate. I've gotten quite a few "thanks" from this, so I'm assuming my advice is useful.

However, some of the time I simply hang up. Here's my thinking. In sales, time is money. While it seems to be more courteous to provide an explanation, if I am truly not a prospect, I'm doing sales professionals a favor by terminating the call as quickly as possible. That way they can move on to the next prospect.

Even so, I'm extremely curious what the sales professionals who read this blog think of my approach. If I hear a lot of complaints, I will definitely change my behavior. So comments are particularly welcome on this one. Help me out, guys, because I want to do the right thing.