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How Dave Made It to Nebraska

"Early Show" weather anchor and features reporter Dave Price has just over two days to make it back to New York in this week's "No Way Home" series.

Will he make it?

His journey from Santa Monica, Calif. has led him to New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado and, on Wednesday, to Nebraska.

Special Section: Check out Dave's Journey

How did he get that far?

After the broadcast on Tuesday, Dave set out from the ranch in Highlands Ranch, Colo., where he was welcomed in by rancher Matt Clough.

Dave worked for the Cloughs feeding their cattle "cake," which is a nutrient-rich material. Then Dave got his payment: breakfast paid for by the Cloughs.

Dave's advice for the frugal traveler: "When someone's buying breakfast for you, order enough so you're not going to be hungry for a week."

Dave said he could have stayed at the restaurant for a week, but received an offer on Twitter he couldn't refuse. He was hired by Granger Motors to transport a car from Denver, Colo. to Granger, Iowa.

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However, when lunchtime rolled around, Dave knew he needed the meal before the long drive to Nebraska, but he didn't want to pay for it. So, like so much else this week, he worked for it, at a local carwash.

"I feel like I'm going into space," Dave said, as he suited up in a full-body uniform for the job.

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When the job was done, Dave set out with a full stomach and a car of his own.

"This is the first time on the trip I've actually spent a fair amount of time alone," Dave said. "I've always been in someone else's vehicle. But it's nice to actually spend some time trying to take in the beauty. It's almost therapeutic."

Dave spent Tuesday night at a fraternity house at the University of Nebraska. He paid for his stay the dirty way: He cleaned the frat's communal bathrooms.

And on Wednesday morning, Dave drove the rest of the way to Omaha, to work for $12 an hour cutting beef at Omaha Steaks.

To see this leg of Dave's journey, click on the video below.

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