How awesome is this businessman? Just check his card

Some people are movers and shakers. You either know or you ought to. Apparently a Chinese CEO and  millionaire who wanted to buy the New York Times, and who recently serenaded reporters karaoke-style in a press conference, wants to make sure everyone knows who he is.

To do so, Chen Guangbiao, CEO of Jiangsu Huangpu Recycling Resources, decided to lay it all out on his English language business card that makes up in bravado what it might miss in design points. 

Here's a copy from Twitter

Not that he's a wannabe: Forbes has him pegged as number 227 on the list of the 400 richest Chinese with an estimated net worth of $740 million. According to Hurun Report's list of wealthiest Chinese, he's worth $810 million. Whatever the number, that's a lot of bottle deposits.

Still, moral leader of China? The country's most influential person? Most charismatic philanthropist?

Apparently he told the Wall Street Journal that he indulges in publicity stunts, immediately after which saying, "Please remember one thing: Whatever I say is true." He's also known for "his drum-beating style of philanthropy and sometimes nationalistic policy views."

Perhaps this is a display of humor that doesn't translate across cultures and languages so easily. One thing is for sure -- Chen needs a bit more room on his card for one remaining title: Most Modest.