How Are 2011's Sure Things Faring at Mid-Year?

Last Updated Jul 19, 2011 1:49 PM EDT

Each year, we keep track of some of the "sure things" that those in the media are certain will happen to the economy, providing updates each quarter. This year, we've identified eight things that were "certain to happen" this year:
  • Chinese investments would outperform.
  • Large-cap stocks would outperform.
  • Inflation would be rampant.
  • Interest rates would rise substantially.
  • Municipal bonds would experience widespread default.
  • Gold would continue to rise.
  • Oil would rise.
  • This would be a stockpicker's year, meaning active managers would outperform.
Keep in mind if they're sure things, they should all (or at least most) come true. Let's see how they're doing.
Photo courtesy of Mr. T in DC on Flickr.
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