House GOP Whip calls out Senate on budget

(CBS News) Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., the House Majority Whip, took part in Monday's inaugural festivities and Tuesday, he spoke to Charlie Rose and Norah O'Donnell about the tone of President Obama's inaugural address and the outlook for his second term.

The president's speech has been widely reviewed as an outline of a strong liberal vision for his second presidential term.

The third-ranking House Republican said that before the speech, he hoped "that we'd hear more bipartisanship" and added, "I was hoping that we'd have a second term different than the first term."

Still, McCarthy rejected the notion that a divided government necessarily gives way to the legislative gridlock that has characterized Congress in recent months.

"Normally in divided government we achieve big things," he said, calling on history to make his point. "Think about when Reagan was president. He had Democrats in power, they reformed the tax code. Bill Clinton had Newt Gingrich and reformed welfare and balanced the budget ... we do need to work together."

McCarthy also called out the Senate, led by Democrat Harry Reid, for failing to pass a budget for nearly four years. "The Senate has not passed [a budget] in almost four years. That has caused a lot of the debt and the uncertainty we have today," he said before adding, "The last time the Senate has passed a budget, the iPad wasn't even invented yet."

"The American people expect a more accountable effective and efficient government ... How can you do anything that the president says he wants to do ... if you don't have a budget?" McCarthy continued.

He outlined a plan for the House with regards to the budget, explaining "We'll do a short-term debt limit increase ... so it will go to the Senate and if the Senate just sits there, it creates a major problem for America and for financial markets. I've listened to the White House ... they agree with this."

McCarthy also spoke about his big moment with Jay-Z and Beyonce on the inauguration ceremony stage. For more, watch the video above.