Hotties Use Google Translate to Conquer the Language Barrier

Last Updated Dec 3, 2010 10:27 AM EST

When I think of Google Translate, I think of converting the occasional foreign-language Web page into something I can read (more or less).

Wrong! As these two lovely ladies demonstrate (as part of Google's intriguing Demo Slam competition), Translate can be used for quite a bit more. Take a look:

Although there's little (okay, zero) explanation of how they actually pulled this off (it looks like they used a series of preconfigured "translations" spread across multiple tabs), I can't help admiring the chutzpah.

What's more, it very effectively demonstrated that Google Translate is a lot more powerful than I thought. The reading-aloud option shown here doesn't work with all languages, but you have to admit: pretty damn cool. (More coolness: the Google Translate app for Android.)

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