Hot Links For May 6, 2001

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Here are links to Internet sites associated with segments on CBS News Sunday Morning Sunday, May 6.

Return to Xanadu
For more information on the Hearst Castle,

Tour Reservations: (800) 444-4445
Physically Challenged Tour Reservations (805) 927-2070

"Hearst Castle: The Biography of a Country House" by Victoria Kastner

George Carlin
His new book: Napalm and Silly Putty

Web sites he's affiliated with: and

Sunday Diversion: Frist Arts Center
With performers on the streets and painters on the sidewalks, Nashville’s new block-long Frist Arts Center has sprung to life this spring, as has some of its art.

There's plenty of art inside the building, everything from art classes for the new masters, to art galleries for the works of the old Masters, not to mention space for American crafts.

And there's plenty of art on the building, too, because the Frist is located inside a renovated Art Deco landmark built during the Depression.

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