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Hot holiday online sellers: Tablets and boots

(MoneyWatch) As economic forecasters size up the holiday shopping season, some early data is coming in on what products are in demand. Here were the top 10 online product searches on Cyber Monday, according to Experian Marketing Services:

1. Kindle Fire
2. Uggs
3. iPad
4. iPod Touch
5. iPad Mini
6. Legos
7. Amazon Kindle
8. Wii U
9. Kindle Fire HD
10. Ugg Boots

In other words, the world is mad for tablets and furry boots, with consumers also showing interest in small, interlocking building blocks and a video game console. This is also bad news for Microsoft -- no Windows-based tablets, including the company's recently introduced Surface device, and no Xbox 360, makes the list. Most Android tablet manufacturers will probably be equally disappointed.

Retailers who may be smiling are Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Amazon, Sears and Target, as they received the most Black Friday searches, according to the credit research firm. When it comes to the most visits to a company's website, Amazon led the way, with Wal-Mart No. 2.

But the big winner -- perhaps not surprisingly, given all the iThing interest -- is Apple. Its site traffic has doubled over the last year.

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