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Horse Head Found In Pool

First it was bent windshield wipers. Then a sex toy stuck to the windshield. But the harrassment of an Orange County councilwoman hit a new low when she found a horse's head in her swimming pool.

The incident left Wawayanda Councilwoman Gail Soro frightened and angry last night. She told the Middletown Times Herald-Record that the earlier incidents happened at the town hall, where she's the lone Democrat on the five-member board. But the horse head was at her home.

And it seemed to imply a threat, as in the famous scene in the 1972 classic, "The Godfather."

In the movie, Hollywood producer Jack Woltz won't do a favor for Don Corleone. The crime boss then makes Woltz an "offer he can't refuse" by having the head of a prize racehorse slipped between the sheets of his bed.

New York state police removed the head from Soro's pool and took it to a local veterinarian. They're still investigating who might be behind the grisly prank.

Soro's been in the middle of tussles over growth and planning that are the hot-button issues in the town. But she says she won't be scared out of office. She's up for re-election next year, and she's running.

Even her opponents are appalled by the horse head prank.

"This isn't politics. This is beyond politics," Republican Councilman Dave Cole told the Times Herald-Record. "This is beyond the pale."

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