Hookers Using Twitter to Advertise Their Services

Last Updated Sep 3, 2009 6:04 PM EDT

The oldest profession in the world is once again taking advantage of the newest technology in the world: Prostitutes are using Twitter to advertise their services, reports BusinessWeek. It's just the latest example of other businesses finding a way to make a buck off the microblogging service, even while Twitter itself flounders around, unable to generate a dime.

Did BW writer Sarah Lacy go deep undercover to get her scoop? No. She asked her man, who just joined Twitter:

Over a four-day span in mid-August my husband got 43 new "followers" whose profile pages depicted naked or scantily clad women.
Lacy points out that Twitter's user-hygiene is rubbish:
Now anyone can join, but Facebook still insists they be real people. That weeds out a lot of thinly veiled profiles for erotic sites and escort services. Twitter's not quite so discriminating.
I need to make two disclosures: I use Twitter to syndicate BNET's headlines, and Twitter in turn generates a small but significant stream of traffic for BNET. (Which we sell to advertisers, of course.) And, because I can't be bothered going through the hundreds of folks who follow me, some of my "followers" are also hookers. Image by Flickr user swanksalot, CC.