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Homework dispute prompts N.C. teen to threaten babysitter with steak knife, cops say

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(AP Photo, file) AP Photo, file

(CBS) SALISBURY, N.C.- A 13-year-old boy threatened his live-in 31-year-old babysitter with a steak knife on Tuesday afternoon in a dispute over homework, the Salisbury Post reports.

According to a report by the Rowan County, N.C. sheriff's office, the  babysitter made an after-school snack for the teen and asked him to do his homework. When the boy didn't respond, she asked him several more times, the report says.

The youth then became visibly upset when the babysitter walked into another room and picked up his bookbag.

"She heard him make a noise behind her and when she turned around, the juvenile was standing there holding a steak knife in his right hand," the report said. "He told her he would stab her if she didn't get out of his bookbag."

The babysitter put the bag down and called 911, the woman told officers.

The boy was taken into custody but was given a juvenile referral and released to the custody of his mother. 

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