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Secret military site posts explicit images of female service members

Military photo scandal
Secret military site posts explicit images of female service members 01:31

THE PENTAGON -- CBS News has learned more explicit pictures of female service members were posted online without their permission. The scandal was first reported about a year ago. Apparently, not much has changed. 

The link to the latest site for sharing explicit photos has been turned over to criminal investigators who have spent the past year tracking down users of the original Marines United photo sharing site. Fifty-five Marines have been punished.

Marines United subsequently shut down, only to crop up in smaller photo sharing sites. The scandal involved 131,000 photos spread across 168 social media sites.

Number of Marines investigated for sharing nude photos of service members 02:14

The new website contains 267 of the images, which are too explicit to share, and appears to involve women from all branches of the military. It was discovered by former Marine Erin Kirk Cuomo -- who founded #NotInMyMarines -- in response to the original photo sharing scandal. 

"One year later and not much has changed," Cuomo tweeted. "It's all well and good to have policies, but until there is a deep-rooted culture change within the military, this is simply a piece of paper. Step up DOD, we demand action." 

The Department of Defense (DOD) monitors social media for sexual harassment and bullying, but admits it is hard to keep up as the number of sites continues to grow. It apparently did not know about the new site until it was notified by Vice News. 

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