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Hiring? 5 Ways to Use the Internet to Find the Best Employee

For every story I hear about some company crossing the line and inappropriately probing employee activity on Facebook, I see two others who don't even bother with using the Internet as a part of the hiring process. That's unfortunate, because there's a comfortable middle ground in which you can leverage the Internet to make the best informed hiring decisions. Here are some tips courtesy of WebWorkerDaily to keep in mind the next time you're spinning up the recruiting engine:

Rely on your own network. When you initially open a position, be sure to reach out to your own network of friends and colleagues on LinkedIn, Facebook, and elsewhere to find someone who fits your position. Also ask your employees and partners to do the same. After all, you stand the best chance of finding the right fit through connections you already have.

Ask for links. A resume is great, but it only tells part of the story. Ask your candidates for links to content online that demonstrate how they work, communicate, or think. It can be anything; blogs, online profiles, articles, or forum posts.

Do your own research. But don't stop there; dig around online and see what you can find. Your candidate is only going to point you to the stuff that puts them in the best possible light. You should see what else is out there. Of course, use common sense. Everyone has something online they're not proud of, so don't let one or two outliers disqualify someone from consideration.

Attract talent with a great online presence. Be sure that you give great candidates a reason to want to apply. Have a good Web site, Facebook page, or some other online presence to serve as a talent magnet.

Don't be too nosey. Don't even think of asking candidates for passwords or access to private profiles so you can play private detective.

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