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Hilton Capitalizes on Mad Men Popularity

In a marketing move worthy of Don Draper, Hilton Hotels has teamed up with AMC's "Mad Men" to offer its guests a chance at winning a co-branded sweepstakes package.

Why? For one thing, the show is popular and stylish, everything a hotel should be. But the more practical reason has to do with co-branding: According to a Hilton representative, AMC approached Hilton when it wanted to include company founder Conrad Hilton in the show, and that conversation led to another conversation about promotional partnerships, and voila, the "Live Like a Mad Man" sweepstakes. Hilton also participated in AMC's "New York's Gone MAD" week, which offered a variety of show-inspired activities, by serving popular 1960s cocktails at the New York Hilton hotel.

This sounds like a good idea: Offer guests a chance at winning a trip to New York so they can "Live Like a Mad Man," as the contest is called, with all kinds of show-inspired prizes included just for booking a room at a participating Hilton hotel. But can a sweepstakes really boost room bookings? Maybe, but the contest will probably appeal more to existing loyalty rewards club members, in this case Hilton HHonors members who would have chosen a Hilton hotel anyway, than to new guests.

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