Hillary Clinton under fire during her time away from the trail

Clinton's fundraising
Clinton's fundraising 01:52

A glimpse of Hillary Clinton heading into a private California fundraiser may be all the public will have seen of the Democratic presidential candidate Wednesday.

Instead of spending the end of August storming through battleground states, Clinton is on a money-raising marathon to pay for her fall fight with Donald Trump.

New Clinton accusations 01:54

However, Clinton’s absence from the trail has kept her from turning the page on controversies surrounding her emails and the Clinton Foundation, which has raised $2 billion to promote global health and economic development.

Instead, she has opened herself up to attacks. On the campaign trail, Trump railed against Clinton, saying, “It’s impossible to tell where the Clinton Foundation ends and the State Department begins.”

Clinton’s campaign fundraising highlights apparent blurry lines between her family’s charitable work and her political ventures.

Of the 15 fundraisers Clinton has held in the past week, eight were hosted by donors who have also given to the Clinton Foundation.

That includes a Wednesday event hosted by Apple CEO Tim Cook. The event’s co-host is Apple’s executive vice president Lisa Jackson, who serves on the Clinton Foundation’s board.

While Clinton is set to deliver a speech in Nevada on Thursday, her time off the trail has given Trump more ammunition. He has repeatedly attacked her for not holding a press conference since December.

Hillary Clinton, right, at her most recent press conference in December of 2015. CBS NEWS

Clinton has sat down for hundreds of interviews in that time, but she hasn’t faced the sort of uncontrolled, rapid-fire questioning seen in press conferences.

Over the same period in the 2008 election, then-Sen. Barack Obama held at least four press conferences. Trump has held at least seven.

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