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Hillary Clinton: Traveling the Globe "Wears You Out"

Hillary Clinton
U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pauses as she speaks to the media at Farmleigh House, Dublin, Ireland Oct. 11, 2009. AP

Traveling as America's top diplomat "wears you out," Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says in an interview in Esquire magazine, published in the May issue.

"The jet lag, the dry air on planes, the whole 'If it's Tuesday, I must be in...' kind of thing," she says.

In a largely flattering profile, writer Tom Junod notes that Clinton's "stamina has become the most shocking thing about her, but it's not simply that she doesn't stop; it's that she won't let herself stop, or let anyone else stop her."

In her first year as secretary of state, the article notes, Clinton traveled a quarter of a million miles, and her staff contends she has become the most well-traveled woman in the world.

"I do have good stamina and resilience," Clinton says. "But you would think, in the world in which we live today, that with instantaneous communications, that you wouldn't need to travel as much."

In fact, she says, "you almost have to travel more, both because everybody knows you can get on an airplane and get to where they're expecting you, but also because it's almost as if the virtual reality cries out for the real relationships need to be affirmed. It's ironic."

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