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Clinton cancels campaign plans after health stumble at 9/11 memorial

Hillary Clinton will not be going on the next leg of her campaign stops. On Sunday night, her campaign canceled a planned two-day fundraising trip to California that also included a speech on the economy. This comes after Clinton appeared unsteady on her feet and had to be helped into her car while leaving the Sept. 11 memorial ceremony in New York City.

Her campaign initially said she left the event feeling “overheated.” But later, Clinton’s doctor revealed she was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday, after treating her “prolonged cough” said to be related to allergies, reports CBS News correspondent Nancy Cordes. 

A bystander captured Clinton’s difficult departure from ground zero -- her legs buckling once as she waited for her van to arrive, and then again as she was lifted into it. 

Hillary Clinton leaving the 9/11 anniversary ceremony early 00:17

Clinton had been at the 9/11 memorial service for just over an hour when reporters noticed she was missing. It would be 90 minutes before her campaign explained where she went, announcing that “she felt overheated so departed to go to her daughter’s apartment” three miles away.

“It’s a beautiful day in New York!” Clinton was all smiles when she left the apartment about two hours later.

When asked if she was feeling better, she answered, “Yes, thank you very much.”

But six hours later, her doctor announced that Clinton had actually been diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday, after experiencing a “prolonged cough” related to allergies.  

Clinton was coughing on Monday in Cleveland and then again Wednesday after an interview with Israeli TV.

But the video Sunday reignited conspiracy theories about Clinton’s health on some conservative websites, which have flourished ever since she got the stomach flu in 2012, got dehydrated and fell. She suffered a concussion and a blood clot.

Recently, Clinton has laughed off the rumors.

“Take my pulse,” Clinton joked with Jimmy Kimmel. “Make sure I am alive.”

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