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Clinton campaign outraised Trump campaign in July

Is Trump losing support?
Is Trump losing support? 03:54

Hillary Clinton raised nearly $90 million in July for Hillary for America and the Democratic party, making it her best fundraising month of the campaign, a Tuesday statement said. Donald Trump's campaign announced it Wednesday that it had raised $80 million, including funds raised for the Republican party.

Clinton's historic night 03:41

The campaigns released their fundraising totals in the week after Mrs. Clinton formally accepted the Democratic presidential nomination in Philadelphia--the first female of any major political party to do so. The Democratic convention boosted her lead against rival Donald Trump and also generated the campaign's best 24-hour period for online fundraising prior to and following Clinton's acceptance speech last Thursday.

"We come out of the Democratic National Convention with our party united and our supporters energized for the final days of this campaign," said HFA campaign manager Robby Mook.

And, just a few days after President Obama delivered an impassioned speech on behalf of his formal rival, he attended his first "Hillary" fundraiser Monday afternoon, Democratic National Committee officials confirmed to CBS News' Mark Knoller.

The private fundraiser--held at the Atlanta home of former LexisNexis CEO Andy Prozes and architect Laura Heery--underscores the president's commitment to seeing his former secretary of state succeed him.

Obama DNC speech 49:18

Attendees contributed at least $33,400, with a $100,000 donation earning high rollers the title of "co-chair." Funds raised would be used to register voters, recruit volunteers and organize Democrats to elect like-minded candidates up and down the ballot in November, a Clinton aide said. Open Secrets, a campaign finance watch dog, reported that the Hillary Victory Fund has already raised more than $142 million in 2016.

Monday's fundraiser drew 30 supporters who contributed a minimum of $33,400 to attend. Co-hosts contributed $66,800. Co-chairs contributed $100,000 or more.

Clinton will continue her star-studded fundraising efforts throughout the summer. Buzzfeed recently reported that Apple CEO Tim Cook will headline a Hillary Victory Fund event in August, while Variety reported that newly acclaimed Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio will host a similar fundraiser on Aug. 23, in Los Angeles. A $2,700 ticket will grant attendees access to DiCaprio's fundraiser, as well as an opportunity to sneak a quick glimpse of some other high-profile guests, including Tobey Maguire, Jennifer Aniston, Yael and Scooter Braun, Shonda Rhimes and Chris Silbermann.

White House Correspondent Mark Knoller and political embed journalist Hannah Fraser-Chanpong contributed to this report.

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