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High-heel Crocs shoes are selling out, prompting questions of why

Fashionistas, look away: Crocs -- the rubberized shoes that most self-respecting adults know should only be worn in the backyard -- are now available with high heels. 

Weirdly, the fancy version of the ugly clogs are flying off the shelves, at nearly $50 a pop.

The 'Cyprus V Heel' from Crocs Crocs

Crocs describes this 'Cyprus V Heel,' as "a pair of casual and comfortable heels and wedges." 

The brand, known for comfort and function, became popular among hospital and restaurant workers and others toiling on their feet all day after its 2002 launch, with annual sales soaring past $100 million before a fall from favor and experiencing a mixed road business-wise ever since.

The introduction of the height-adding plastic wear is prompting a spirited conversation on social media, with one woman asking what to do when asked "how we think they look with our bridesmaids dresses?"

Another took to Twitter to ponder the significance of the product, and whether it signaled the end is near.

While many mocked, others are laughing all the way to the bank. The shoes, which come with a recommended price of $44.99, seem to have sold out, as resellers are offering them for more than 200 bucks a pop on Amazon.

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