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HGTV's Selling New York: Episode 5

HGTV's "Selling New York" Episode 5:

Educated Decisions

Episode Description: Top NYC real estate agents try to help clients make the right choice for their millions.

The HGTV series "Selling New York" (airdate Thursday April 15), shows something pretty common in the high-end world of real estate -- or even in the medium- and low-end worlds of real estate: the bad client.

An overseas investor, who we never see but are told has been working with the firm of Gumley Haft Kleier for two years, calls and emails the listing agent of a property directly.

This should not be enough for the listing agent to claim that the investor is her client, but in the (here's one for you, HGTV) cutthroat world of New York City real estate, it is.

The buyer's agent John Mehigan is understandably upset. For one thing, he's run the risk of putting in substantial time working with the client only to not get paid in the end. (As a real estate agent myself, I can say: Been there, done that.) For a second thing, although the show doesn't mention it, a buyer is allowed to be represented by anyone he or she wants, and the listing agent is just being a trashbag.

However, we never get to demonize the listing agent, or even see the property, because all this drama takes place offstage. So let me just drop this spoiler: Michelle Kleier is awesome.

Meanwhile, Downtown, Shaun Osher of Core Group goes the extra mile to help a client make the right decision -- even though it's one that doesn't necessarily put money in Osher's pocket. Those who think that brokers are sleazy, there's evidence to the contrary here.

Did I mention I know all these people?

Properties: a really good Village loft with dark bedrooms; a "value" $1.5 million place in (gasp!) the Lower East Side; a three-bedroom, four-and-a-half-bath Madison Avenue spread; something in Brooklyn. Also, one of the clients owns a classic car biz, so there are enough spiffy roadsters to make Jay Leno happy.

That's my take, what do other viewers think? Feel free to post comments below.

P.S. Twitterers: don't get upset that it costs $30,000 a month to rent a Madison Avenue three-bedroom. That's just stuff agents say; it's really possible I could get it for you for 20.

P.P.S.: Don't be a bad client! If you want to contact a listing agent directly, take time to cc: your agent on the email. Like this: "I am cc:ing my agent Bob Broker who is working with me to help me purchase a property."

Coming Next Week: Episode 6 -- airs 9 p.m. ET Thursday, April 22
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