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Here's Where Boomers Will Find Retirement Work

Forecasts at mid-decade rosily predicted that post-career boomers would be much in demand by under-resourced employers. Those numbers have all changed now, thanks to the job-chomping recession.

So what's the employment future look like in the coming Boom Years? Not bad, actually, reports Harvard Business Review editor Bronwyn Fryer. He points to recent research showing the need for 5 million workers by 2018. He writes:

"Nearly half of them will be in the social sector -- which makes them appealing to boomers who might be ready use their hard-earned expertise to give back to society."
Specifically, the jobs will be in:
  • Health care (nursing, home health care, medical assistants).
  • Education (teachers, teacher assistants and child care workers).
  • Nonprofits and government (business operations specialists; general and operations managers; receptionists and information clerks).
  • Social services: (clergy and social and human service assistants).
Of course, this all depends on the economy recovering.

Read Where the Boomers Will Find Jobs to get more details and learn what skills you should be brushing up on.

(Senior sign image by Ethan Prater, CC 3.0)