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Here’s where Americans most want to work

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More Americans are re-entering the workforce, while others are searching for the next rung on the career ladder. So where do they dream of landing for their next job?

It turns out that many people are focusing their job hunt on a diverse group of companies that, despite their differences, tend to share certain traits, such as a strong brand and the sense of purpose employees derive from working there. 

5 big mistakes job seekers make
5 big mistakes job seekers make

That’s according to a new study from career site, which surveyed which companies among the Fortune 500 had the highest “click-through” rates on their online job ads.

While the list names some of the usual suspects -- such as Apple (AAPL), the most valuable company in the world, as well as the most valuable global brand -- it also includes several older companies with roots in the industrial era, such as railway Norfolk Southern. Job seekers are also searching for a variety of jobs, from entry-level positions that don’t require college degrees to more highly skilled roles such as software engineers.

“They are very different companies, ranging from an insurance company to an internet company to travel companies,” said Paul Wolfe, head of HR for, “What’s important is that they have a compelling story that they are telling about their company, the culture of the company, how people are treated and what current employees think.”


Surprisingly, the most popular open positions at tech companies such as Apple and (AMZN) aren’t all tech-related posts. At Apple, the most popular job ads included receptionist, while one of Amazon’s most popular opening was for warehouse workers.

“It shows the spectrum of jobs” that companies like Apple and Amazon are seeking to fill, Wolfe said, as well as the wide range of skills that Americans possess. Only one of three Americans holds a college degree, which is necessary for higher-paying, professional occupations such as engineering.

Below are’s top 22 companies for job seekers (through October), along with their five most popular open positions. The list is in alphabetical order.

1. Operations manager, general manager, supply chain manager, material specialist

2. American Airlines: Staff assistant, flight attendant, identity manager, human resources manager, human resources administrator

3. Apple: Marketer, receptionist, inventory specialist, GIS analyst, database administrator

4. Boeing: Entry-level manufacturing engineer, office worker, office administrator, entry-level analyst, graphic designer

5. Caterpillar: Clerk, shop assistant, associate engineer, packaging engineer, facilities engineer

6. Chevron: Operator, controls engineer, piping designer, materials engineer, handler

7. Dr Pepper Snapple Group: Forklift loader, marketer, warehouse worker, data entry clerk, administrative assistant

8. eBay: Customer service rep, call center rep, senior business analyst, Java developer, executive assistant

9. Facebook: Entertainment manager, artist, business analyst, environmental manger, technical support

10. General Mills: Utility worker, packaging technician, food technologist, forklift operator, production operator

11. Google: Software engineer, accountant, corporate development manager, laboratory technician, trading manager

12. iHeartMedia: Marketing assistant, marketing coordinator, programmer, paid intern, graphic designer

13. JetBlue: Administrative assistant, customer service analyst, finance intern, staffing coordinator, sales rep

14. Kraft Heinz Co.: Marketing coordinator, warehouse worker, packaging operator, store clerk, human resources specialist

15. Live Nation: Book manager, event staff, sound engineer, administrative assistant, manager

16. Nike: General counsel, environmental health and safety officer, team leader, design engineer, presentation manager

17. Norfolk Southern: Dispatcher, conductor, special agent, secretary, police officer

18. Progressive: Mail handler, bilingual call center rep, customer service rep, associate manager, file clerk

19. Qualcomm: Database developer, developer, business intelligence manager, entry level software engineer, sharepoint developer

20. Southwest Airlines: Associate, recruiter, records specialist, manager, support services clerk

21. The Dow Chemical Co.: Process operator, operator, operating room technician, chemical technician, process technician

22. United Airlines: Technical support, sales rep, manager, executive assistant, service administrator

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