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Help Us Build a Better BNET

bnet_logo.gifYou know what we do at BNET: provide information, advice and insight -- plus a little entertainment -- to you, the redoubtable manager battling every day to make your team, your organization and yourself more successful.

We hope we've been useful to you. Judging by our growing numbers of users, it seems we have. But we're always looking for ways to improve. That's why we'd like your help in building a better BNET. Below you'll find an informal poll, designed to help us do just that. It should only take a few moments and even be a little bit fun.

At the end, please leave your additional comments, telling us just what we're doing wrong and how you'd do it better if you were us.

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(If you want to view your voting results right away, hit Ctrl F5)

In the comments section, please tell us just how we can improve to better serve your needs. Don't be shy â€" you won't offend us!


---The Management

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