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Help Co-Workers Solve Computer Problems with Instant Screen Recordings

Round the office, I'm the unpaid tech support guy. Sure, there's a whole department full of people who are supposed to solve computer problems, but I tend to be the go-to guy for solving everyone's problems.

I don't mind, but it's often inconvenient to try to figure out the problem over the phone or via e-mail, and I rarely have time to wander over to their office in person. But equipped with a new tool, people can now instantly record a screencast that demonstrates the problem, and I can watch it at leisure in my own office.

ShowMeWhatsWrong is another Web-based screencast recording tool (like Screentoaster, which we've previously raved about). But unlike the others, ShowMeWhatsWrong is designed strictly with PC troubleshooting in mind. You -- the computer expert -- start at the site. You enter your e-mail address and you get a URL to share with anyone who needs your help.

When Bob in sales can't get Excel to add a row of numbers, send him the link. He'll get to enter his name and then record a screencast that demonstrates his problem. You get an e-mail that says, "Bob has submitted a screencast for you!" You have seven days to watch the video, after which it evaporates into the ether.

The videos are easy to record, a snap to share, and the quality is sufficiently high that the troubleshooter can see what's going on on the screen. And the person recording the screencast doesn't have to make any decisions or set any options -- just click, record, click, and it's all over. If there's an audio device (like a Webcam microphone) hooked up, it even captures audio automatically, so the screencast can be narrated.

ShowMeWhatsWrong is a great tool for helping co-workers and even family members fix the PC problems which ail them.

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