Heart-warming reunion between U.S. airman and her beagle

(CBS News) The Welcome Home Blog has been featured here on The Feed quite a few times and always seems to be a nice source of tear-jerking and heart-warming moments. So here's another video of theirs showing a touching reunion between an U.S. airman and her beagle. Get some tissues ready.

Awwwwwwwwww! He missed her!  Such a beautiful moment to watch, right? The caught-on-tape reunion was captured by her husband, Adam R., who writes about it:

I filmed this when my wife came back from a 6 month deployment last fall. Our beagle was still a puppy when she left, and was full grown dog by the time she came back.

I can seriously never get enough of moments like this.  The last time we featured a video from the Welcome Home Blog, I found my eyes getting unbelievably watery for some strange reason (click here to see that reunion and I dare you not to get a bit teary-eyed).  To check out more from the Welcome Home Blog, you can visit their website by clicking here.