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Hearst Enters The Modern Age, Orders Agencies To Submit All Ads Via Portal

This story was written by David Kaplan.
Hearst Magazines has created an online portalnot for users, but for advertisers and agencies. AdAge notes the mag publishers is compelling marketers and agencies to send all advertising through its portal and will no longer accept ads delivered physically. The system will be fully in place this summer. Hearst hopes to make it easier to place ads across its various properties by requiring standard, uniform settings on the ads. This is also the idea behind the Online Publishers Association's test of three distinct display ad formats.

Hearst also wants to give more flexibility to the lead time for when its print mags can accept ads. Magazines can lose potential revenue when an ad is submitted too late for publication and has to be dropped. The publisher has tried to reform the process and claims some success already. Hearst execs tell AdAge that Cosmopolitan's has cut the lead time down from 48 days to 28 days. It expects to cut more when the system is in place.

By David Kaplan

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