Healthy Options For Your Pantry

There are so many choices when it comes to eating healthy. S how do you decide which food is best?

Self magazine has narrowed down those healthy options and found some real winners in their first annual healthy food awards.

Erin Hobday, nutrition and diet editor of Self magazine, visited The Early Show with some of this year's winners.

The magazine evaluated 54 categories, looking for foods that women love to eat. They searched for the tastiest and healthiest food options. More than 245 producers were evaluated by 137 testers.

The top picks - let's call them "stellar staples" - included natural peanut butter from Smuckers. Hobday explains this product just contains peanut and salt.

A good addition to peanut butter is jelly, and the testers picked Polaner's no added sugar variety.

For ice cream, Edy's slow churned variety got top picks.

Bear Naked Granola was also picked; Hobday said it goes great with yogurt.

In the snack category, Kashi bars scored high, with flavors like dark chocolate and coconut.

Another snack that got the nod were Kettle brand Baked Potato Chips.

Florida's Natural orange juice with calcium and vitamin D was picked, as was low-fat cheddar cheese from Cabot. Hobday says the cheese has a great flavor and texture.

And last but not least, she showcased something not usually considered a traditional health food: bacon. Turkey bacon from Oscar Mayer, she explains, had 50 percent less fat.

The Winners: Self Magazine Health Food Awards