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Have You Ever Pranked a Coworker?

Tomorrow is April 1st -- known around these parts as April Fools Day. Almost all of us enjoyed a nifty little prank in grade school, so you might get a chuckle from this harmless goof, courtesy of Next Round:

Harmless, of course, unless you count the indignity of being caught shouting at the office printer.

But that begs the question: Is it appropriate to pull an April Fools joke in the office? Does any kind of stunt cross the line, or are there some gags which you can get away with even in a conservative office? Take the poll, but be sure to leave a comment with your opinion about April Fools jokes -- and, if you're a prankster, tell us about the best gag you've pulled (or seen done). The best comment wins $1000.*

*April Fools. There's no prize.

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