Hat Tip: Are Talent Management Metrics Misleading?

Last Updated Sep 19, 2008 12:37 PM EDT

Are talent management metrics meaningful? A Talent Management State of the Industry report claims that the top five talent management metrics most used by organisations are
  1. Talent retention rate (58 per cent)
  2. Time to hire talent (48 per cent)
  3. Cost to hire (41 per cent)
  4. Diversity statistics (38 per cent)
  5. Number of senior positions with identified successors (37 per cent)
As HRCleanUp points out, these probably don't take into account the costs of attrition -- retraining, re-interviewing or reassigning people to different posts. His take? They can't collate that data -- or "they don't want to see the staggering amount of money walking out the door when talent is badly managed."

Probably not, which makes the metrics only partially useful at best -- and possibly detrimental if they present a false picture of outgoings. (Even so, the fact that succession planning and diversity make it into the top five is heartening.)

Do UK organisational metrics reflect the same priorities -- and blind spots?