Conflicting reports over status of Paz de la Huerta's rape case against Weinstein

No charges for Weinstein?
No charges for Weinstein? 01:44

CBS News has learned that the Manhattan District Attorney's office informed people involved in the case that they are not looking to move forward in an investigation centered around rape allegations against disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

The allegations were brought by actress Paz de la Huerta, who says Weinstein raped her twice in 2010 at her New York City apartment. 

If, in fact, the DA has decided not to move forward with a criminal case, it would be a stark change from last month, when the New York Police Department announced the allegations were "credible" as they gathered evidence for a possible arrest warrant. The district attorney also recently appointed a senior sex crimes prosecutor to the case. 

The Manhattan district attorney reached out to CBS News Friday morning to reiterate: "This remains very much an active investigation." 

Because of the conflicting information, it remains unclear how the investigation will unfold.

De la Huerta's lawyer responded to the new reporting, telling CBS News the D.A.'s office has "copious amounts of evidence and no reason to delay indictment." They urge the district attorney to "convene a grand jury by the end of next week or expect the protests to begin." 

Weinstein has vehemently denied any allegations of non-consensual sex.