Lake Charles, Louisiana, braces for severe flooding

Threats to Louisiana

MANSFIELD, La. -- Lake Charles, Louisiana, which is about three hours east of Houston, is bracing for severe flooding as Tropical Storm Harvey is expected to return to shore, CBS News correspondent Michelle Miller reports.

Miller and her team were heading toward Lake Charles Tuesday. They were supposed to fly, but high winds and rain upended the travel plans. They were driving and trying to avoid the flooded roads.

The rain in Lake Charles has been steady the last four days, but it became dangerous Monday night and nearly 200 residents were forced to evacuate. 

The city's fire department said flood waters were rising quickly, and they had to go door to door to get people out.

Houston shelters overcrowded

The entire Southwest area is under a severe flood watch, and residents have been filling sandbags in preparation. Some 600 National Guardsmen have been put on Harvey duty in Lake Charles.

In 2005, despite being a few hours west of New Orleans, the region didn't get hit by Hurricane Katrina. But Hurricane Rita landed a punch just two weeks later and damaged or destroyed three out of every four buildings in Lake Charles.

Tuesday marks Katrina's 12th anniversary. As Harvey moves east, all eyes will be on New Orleans, which is currently without a dozen working drainage pumps.

Army National Guard soldiers prepare to enter Lake Charles, Louisiana. CBS News