Harnessing The YouTube Election

For those of us obsessively watching the 2008 presidential race, just keeping up with the day-to-day happenings is a daunting task. And for the busy news consumer, it's nearly impossible to get more than a sampling of it all.

By the time junkies get through their checklists of newspaper stories, TV talk shows, Web site reports, blogs and books, there's not time for much else. New this time around is the explosion of Web video that has some calling this the YouTube election. We've already seen this new medium impact the campaign (remember that Obama-Clinton 1984 ad)

Campaigns, activists and just about anyone with a computer are rushing in with hundreds, if not thousands of video postings each week – and the volume is only going to increase. What we all need is some way to make sense of it all, to watch the YouTube campaign for us.

Now we have it.

Starting today, CBSNews.com will bring you the best of the best of the YouTube campaign, courtesy of our friends and partners at PrezVid. New media gurus Jeff Jarvis and Peter Hauck and their Exploding Video Productions provide a daily look at campaign through the world of Web video.

Now we – and you – will be able to keep tabs on all what's happening in this innovative area. You'll see how campaigns are utilizing the technology to reach out to new voters, promote their candidates and, yes, even attack their opponents. You'll be the first to see which candidates, Web video and personalities go viral. If 2008 is destined to be the YouTube election, PrezVid is destined to be a vital source for monitoring it so check in here regularly and don't miss out.