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Handling a Gap in Your Resume the Keith Ferrazzi Way

Maybe you were unemployed or took some time off to travel. Whatever the reason, having a significant gap on your resume can cause a lot of anxiety. Will the hiring manager think you're a flake? An undesirable? Lazy? Stop driving yourself crazy, argues best-selling author and business relationship guru Keith Ferrazzi on his blog. The answer to a blank space in your employment history isn't clever spin, but full-throated celebration.

So many people get caught up with the positioning of how to explain a gap in their resume. There's no need to be apologetic! Speak with great zeal about your time away. Talk about what you did â€" people love stories. Tell them about that trip you finally got to take, that project you finally got around to completing, whatever it may be. What did you learn about life and you? Most people WISH they'd had some time off to pursue other things.
And then, of course, let them know you're ready to dive back into work! After time away, you've had time to get your batteries totally charged and are ready to devote as much passion and energy to work as you did to your time off.
I like how this guy thinks!
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