Halloween Extra Scary for Boehringer Reps: 860 to See Jobs Axed That Day

Last Updated Sep 8, 2009 3:39 PM EDT

Oct. 31, 2009, is the deadline for 860 Boehringer Ingelheim drug sales reps to lose their jobs, according to a letter filed with the Connecticut Department of Labor (image below). Many BI reps have already been notified that they will be laid off. BNET noted that 600-900 reps were on their way out on Aug. 26.

Since then, Pharmagossip published a letter the company sent to Connecticut officials notifying them of the layoffs and giving the Halloween date. A similar letter was sent to Wisconsin.

There's slightly less confusion among reps as to what's going on than there was last time we checked. Some are being given the opportunity to apply for their own jobs -- or at least, to apply for different jobs with the company for which they're equally qualified. Others are simply outraged.

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