Gutless C-Suites, Cloying Lawyers Make HR Hell

One of my blogs on human resources departments must have hit a nerve because it has received 89 comments so far, plus a number sent privately to me via email.

I'll excerpt one from the latter category here because I find it remarkably frank and on the mark:

"I think that HR is just as misunderstood as IT. As a former HR director for a large national firm, I can see the complaints some people make, but I will reiterate that the biggest obstacles I faced to people development was the C-Suite.

"All of the bureacracy comes from the corporate legal team and the C execs are so scared of law suits they are not willing to allow anything that encourages innovation and development.

"I now own a company that specializes in custom business technology solutions and the benefits of recognizing achievement and investing in development cannot be overstated! It is the only way business will thrive in this new world."

I couldn't have made thse points any better. Scardy-cat CEOs and their cloying lawyers do a hell of a lot of damage.