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Great Resources for Finding Work Online

Looking to work remotely? In search of online employment? There appear to be some excellent opportunities to be had, even in this economy. Recently, Web Worker Daily described four resources for finding work online. Here is what they recommend:

oDesk is an online staffing marketplace for jobs in fields like Web development and design. Check out this oDesk video for a peek at what they offer:

Twitter Job Search is a clever little service scans Twitter for job-related tweets. If you thought Twitter was just your direct pipeline to Aston Kutcher's daily observations about lunch, think again: It has found about a quarter million job posts in the last 30 days.

Elance is a job bidding site that focuses on outsourcing freelance programmers, web and logo designers, copywriters, illustrators and consultants. Not sure if you can trust an online job bidding service? Or, more accurately, not sure you can trust the employer to actually pay you? Well, you can now choose to work with employers that place payment into an Elance escrow account, from which you can be paid when the work is done.

RentACoder is, like Elance, a bidding service, though this one (as the name suggests) is focused on programming jobs.

And last but not least, don't forget about VOIS, an outsourcing resource I wrote about some time ago. I am still dubious of the social network mashup premise, but I've actually used VOIS to bid on and complete contract work. The whole process was smooth, pleasant, and ended with a successful PayPal transaction. It works!