Grass Stolen: It's not what you think (well, depending on what you think)

Lawn mower
CBS/The Early Show
(CBS/AP) VIENNA - Some thieves went very far afield to steal huge amounts of grass - the mowable kind - from the Austrian village of Liebenfils, about 200 kilometers (120 miles) southwest of Vienna.

Austrian police are seeking witnesses to the unusual theft, which they say a farmer reported on Monday when he went to made his way to the area, and discovered a mass of grass had already been cut and carted away.

Police say the grass went missing sometime in the last three weeks but the farmer only noticed it Monday because the field is at some distance from the rest of his property. They say the owner estimates the grass is worth around 3,000 euros (more than $4,000) as fodder.

Not to mention fodder for this story.