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Google gives away free storage - here's the catch

Google is giving users an incentive to check the security of their accounts. If Google users perform a "Security Checkup" on their Google accounts by Thursday, February 11, they can receive 2 GB of extra Google Drive storage for free, according to a post on the company's blog. That's a lot more storage for your photos and documents.

The initiative coincided with Tuesday's Safer Internet Day, an annual event that aims to encourage better practices for making the Internet a safer place. Google stressed that being smart about online security should not be relegated to just one day of the year.

Google urges users to perform a checkup on their security measures on a regular basis. It's easily accessible -- Google users can just go to My Account and click on the Security Checkup option. It will let you know if it detects a possible vulnerability, and will walk you through steps such as changing to a stronger password or setting up two-step verification.

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