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Google Buzz: Good for Business?

There's Google buzz, and then there's Google Buzz. The former is what happens when the famed search engine generates a lot of interest in you, your company, your product, etc.

The latter is a new product introduced today. As with Google Wave, it's not immediately clear what Google Buzz is or how you'll use it. But here's a video that provides at least a basic idea:

Ah, now I get it: Google Buzz is really Google Facebook. And consequently, you might be able to use it like Facebook in marketing your business.

That's just my takeaway. What's yours? Think Google Buzz has any business applications, or is this strictly a consumer product? (It may be a few days before you get a chance to find out: Google is still in the process of rolling Buzz into Gmail, so don't be surprised if you don't see it yet. I don't.)

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