Google Brings 'Real' Document Editing to iPad

Last Updated Dec 10, 2010 2:09 PM EST

Last month I told you about the new mobile version of the Google Docs viewer, which brought rudimentary text editing to, among other devices, the iPad.

Yesterday, Google turned things up a notch by making the Desktop version of the Google Docs editor available to iPad users.

This is still a far cry from an honest-to-goodness word processor or spreadsheet editor, but it's suitable for those times when you need to make some "advanced" tweaks to your document. I was able to do things like cut and paste text, change alignment and formatting, add a hyperlink, and so on. It was slow, buggy, and kludgy, but it worked.

To access the Desktop editor, open a document and tap Edit. When the mobile editor opens, tap the More button (the little double down-arrow) and choose Use Desktop Version. Again, don't expect miracles, but do expect a little extra business functionality from your iPad.

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