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Google Bringing Real-Time Content to Search Results

Suppose you've been following a breaking news story, like the recent flap over the CrunchPad tablet. You run a Google search to find the latest headlines -- and that's exactly what you get.

But what about news that coming over the wire while you're perusing the search results? What about new tweets and blog posts related to the subject?

Enter real-time search feeds, coming "in a few days" from Google. Here's a video that shows the coolness in action, complete with amusingly dramatic music:

As you can see, these real-time results are also great for getting local information like traffic updates.

If you don't want to wait for the official rollout of real-time search, you can try it now by visiting Google Trends and clicking any of the Hot Topics. You'll see the streaming real-time results in the Latest results section.

I think this is a pretty major addition to Google search, and I'm really geeked about seeing how it plays into my everyday search activities. What do you think? Flash-in-the-pan feature or the ultimate next step in search? [via The Official Google Blog]