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Goof Off At Work While You Look Like You're Working

T'was the day before Christmas Eve and Dave was busy blogging, even as he dreamed of candy canes and Beatles remastered boxed sets. Honestly, does anyone feel like working right before a holiday break?

If, like me, you're watching the minutes tick down today until you can eat sugar cookies and play with your kids, but you can't leave the office quite yet, then I've got a few distractions you might want to check out to help pass the time before you check out for the holidays.

For starters, Rick recently told you about Can't You See I'm Busy, a collection of old arcade favorites, like Breakout and Lunar Lander, but rendered in generic business environments like spreadsheets, word processing documents, and charts and graphs. Not only do you get the joy of playing games within screens that look like generic business applications, but the Space bar serves as a boss key -- press it, and the game elements disappear, leaving behind nothing but the business-y looking backgrounds. (Though admittedly, those screens aren't going to fool anybody.)

Or you might want to check in on Twitter to help pass the time before Santa arrives. So try Spreadtweet, which is a Twitter client that render inside a window that looks indistinguishable from Excel. (There are versions to match whatever edition of Excel you happen use.)

Finally, perhaps you want to play a game but still feel like you're being at least somewhat productive. Or at least learning something. Play Gauging Your Distraction, a game that tests your reflexes and shows you how distracted you are when you text-and-drive.

Well, that's it for me -- see you on the other side of Christmas. Play a game and have a happy holiday.