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Goodbye, Headhunters; Hello, Twitter?

265899916_5da26e9419_m.jpgWould you trust your recruiting needs to a social network? According to Kris Dunn, writing in Fistful of Talent, that's the future we face if a recent study is to be believed.

Writes Dunn,

"Some experts see the downfall of recruiting agencies, which you and I know as "headhunters". It seems this set of experts sees the rise of social networks, combines it with how the younger generations like to connect, and concludes that soon we won't need headhunters. The social networks of the younger generations will do the work, and the employee referral will rise as the preferred alternative to headhunters."
Talent Management discussed the study, noting that personal referrals are highly effective in recruitment. Coupled with the growth of social networking and the ascension of the so-called "Digital Generation" in the workplace, researchers project that there will be a move away from traditional recruiting to the use of technology instead.

Hogwash, says Dunn.

"The call that the recruiter will fade as younger generations rise into the professional class is a lame, academic prediction that's intellectually lazy. Why? Because being connected, taking the time to nourish your network, and using that network to recruit is HARD WORK... Will the managers of the next generation have time to connect, nourish and recruit in addition to their primary roles within your organization? No, and that's why good recruiters will always have a job."
What do you think?

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