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GodTube: Fastest Growing Site on the Net Says Idle Hands No More

godtube.jpgAccording to ABC News, GodTube -- a Christian-focused user generated content site that is not, in fact, run by God -- is one of the fastest growing sites on the Internet right now. Chris Wyatt, founder and CEO, said the site attracts over 3 million unique visitors a month. Perhaps its the family-friendly profanity-and-sexual-reference filter that keeps the traffic coming. Counter to what one might assume, a lot of young people are looking for this kind of thing. And they want the gospel to be cool.

Wyatt came up with the idea two years ago after reading a Pew Internet survey that revealed only 35 percent of Christians would regularly attend church in 2025, as opposed to 70 percent now. He saw opportunity, and came up with a simple idea to meet an obvious need:

"If that kind of statistic had come up in any commercial industry, it would have set off bells and whistles and fireworks. A young generation of Christians is adopting technology quickly, and they want streaming video."
Wyatt has even said, "Jesus 2.0 is the wave of the future."
Based on the comments from our religion-in-the-workplace blog, it's clear a lot of you have strong opinions when it comes to God and work. What are your thoughts on Wyatt's concept of the future? Instead of encouraging workers to get creative with YouTube, will innovative companies one day have employees posting G-rated spots on GodTube?

(GodTube image by blugeoner86)