Gloria Estefan at 54: "I feel like a baby still"

At age 54, Gloria Estefan is going strong.

She recently released her 26th album, "Miss Little Havana." "Hotel Nacional" is one of the tracks on that album, which debuted in the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart. Estefan is the first female artist to claim that distinction.

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So what's the secret to her success? And how much work has she had done?

Estefan said she's not had any plastic surgery -- "not that there's anything wrong with that."

She attributes "good, old-fashioned hard work" and her genes for her enduring good looks.

"I have great genes," she said. "Thank you to my mom and dad for that one."

Estefan added that she also has "spare parts" made of titanium, referring to a 1990 tour bus accident in which she broke her vertebrae and had to have her back reinforced with the metal.

She added that exercise also has its role in her life. "I work out a lot. I think that will help, staying active, doing what you do. I don't feel any different, quite honestly. I feel like a baby still. I feel like 10 (years old). I don't feel any different. I see my kids getting older. My son is married. My daughter is 17. That's where you see time passing. But I have more energy than ever. I feel great."

For more with Estefan on her music career, her family and what she gains by collaborating with young artists, watch the video in the player above.