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Gingrich, Romney camps talking about future joint event

Mitt Romney, left, and Newt Gingrich, right. CBS

(CBS News) Newt Gingrich won't appear with Mitt Romney when the former House speaker makes his scheduled official departure from the GOP race on Wednesday -- but he might do such an event soon.

Gingrich spokesman R.C. Hammond said Monday that the two camps are currently having discussions about a joint event in the near future.

Both men are expected to be in Northern Virginia on Wednesday. Romney will hold a public event that morning in Chantilly, while Gingrich's farewell event will likely be elsewhere in the area in the afternoon.

Meanwhile, Romney's last remaining major rival, Rep. Ron Paul, is still not ready to say whether he'll support Romney if the former Massachusetts governor is nominated.

"It depends on a lot of ideas, and what his platform is going to be," Paul told Bloomberg Television. "If I disagree with every single thing in his platform, it's going to be tough. If it's 100 percent opposite on everything I have said on civil liberties, on war issues, on spending cuts, on monetary policy, you know, what can I do?"

Paul continued to rebuff calls that he join Gingrich in dropping out. "We have millions of people now supporting our campaign, and millions that haven't been heard from because they're independents and Democrats that are unhappy with Obama," he said.

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