Gift Idea: ToothGrip Headset Holster

Last Updated Dec 15, 2009 1:52 PM EST

No, ToothGrip has nothing to do with dentures. Yes, it has one of the worst product names we've heard since JooJoo (which, granted, was only last week). Luckily, it's a pretty smart and practical item, something we kinda wish we'd invented ourselves.

The ToothGrip is a holster for your Bluetooth headset. (Like, Bluetooth gripper, get it?) It's designed to keep your headset close by and easily accessible -- unlike when they're buried in a pocket or purse, stuffed in a briefcase, or just plain gone missing.

Basically, it's a small plastic holster with a spring-loaded clip so you can stick it just about anywhere: a belt (natch), the visor of your car (a special band is included), the outer pocket of a purse or bag, and so on.

The ToothGrip sells for $14.95 -- not an unreasonable price, IMHO -- and there's a free-shipping offer as part of an introductory promotion. I think this would make a nice little gift for, say, your boss, a co-worker, or any other headset user in your life (yourself included).

Hmmm...maybe this is what Dave needs to encourage him to stop wearing his headset 24/7. It's just not a good look, Dave!

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