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​Gett's "Surge Sucks" program targets Uber where it hurts

Gett is hitting Uber where it hurts -- where it hurts Uber riders, that is.

The ride-hailing rival has built its brand on being the un-Uber, never charging users more at peak times. Its new campaign, "Surge Sucks," is its latest dig at the industry leader. Starting Tuesday, Gett will give customers in New York credits equal to what they have previously paid in surge fares to Uber.

To receive the credit, riders must first sign up at, where they can submit up to $100 in receipts from both Uber and Lyft that show surge pricing. Gett will then issue a credit equivalent to the cumulative costs, rounded up to the nearest $5 increment, meaning $81 in surge fees would be worth $85 in Gett rides.

"We're excited to launch our Surge Sucks program to further position Gett as the surge-free alternative to Uber," Gett CEO Shahar Waiser said in a statement.

Uber services hundreds of cities in 64 countries. Gett's app, launched in 2010, the year after Uber, is available in 57 cities worldwide. Three-year-old Lyft operates in more than 100 U.S. cities.

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