Getting The Lead Out

(CBS/The Early Show)
Today, in an effort to help people eliminate lead in their homes, we began a new campaign that I feel really strongly about -- The Early Show's "Anchor Moms Against Lead." As a mom of three, I cringe when my kids come home from birthday parties with painted, plastic goodies and toy jewelry. They love that stuff, but who really knew it was potentially dangerous before the last year or so? My girls aren't toddlers anymore, but my 9-year-old still manages to chew on just about everything -- so I am constantly on the lookout.

And then today came a big surprise: Early Show correspondent and mom-to-be Tracy Smith invited a lead inspector to check for lead in her home -- and especially in a room being converted into a nursery. Guess what? In the kitchen, the inspector found lead in a painted pottery serving platter! I have tons of that stuff at home, as I'm sure many of you do, too. Now I'm going home to test it all! You don't need a lead inspector to come to your house. You can just send in a dust sample to the EPA.

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