Getting Back To The Garden

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Create A Mediterranean Garden
You don't have to travel abroad to get a relaxing getaway. Now you can have a vacation in your own yard. Gardening guru Charlie Dimmock shows how to transform a garden into a Mediterranean delight.

Know Your Soil
The Early Show resident gardening guru Charlie Dimmock sheds a little light on the subject of shade in gardens. And why it's so important to choose the right plants for your soil.

Keeping Gardens Healthy In Summer
It's easy to get lazy during the summer months, or think the nice weather means you don't have to maintain your garden, but Charlie Dimmock says this really is the season to keep a watchful eye over your plants.

Tools To Make Yard Work Easier
Improving and maintaining your yard can be challenging and rewarding. And Danny Lipford, host of "Today's Homeowner," fills you in on several items meant to make the tasks go more smoothly.

Whole-Meal Summer Salads
Now is a great time to take advantage of all the wonderful vegetables coming into season, and what better way to enjoy them than with flavorful summer salads? Get recipes for a main dish in the Five-Minute Cooking Class.

Add Color Quickly To Your Garden
If you need a great-looking garden in a hurry, turn to annuals, says Charlie Dimmock. The Early Show's gardening guru shows how to offer a splash of color, if only for a season.

Use Basic Tools To Hoe Your Row
Britain's gardening guru and The Early Show contributor Charlie Dimmock offers her top 10 gardening tools. But don't expect them to be high-tech, gadgety or glamorous. She shows how to use them and offers tips.

A Salad Garden To Last All Summer
Even if you don't have a big greenhouse, The Early Show gardening guru Charlie Dimmock shows how you can get a salad garden to grow even if you don't have lots of space. Check out her ideas and tips.

Plant Around Your Home's Doorway
It's better than any welcome mat, says Britain's star gardener, Charlie Dimmock, who offers ideas on sprucing up the doors to your home. They are a visitor's first impression of you and a greeting to friends and family who regularly come and go.

When Spring Flowers Die
Daffodils and tulips are bright and cheerful signs that spring has arrived, but what are you supposed to do once the flowers have bloomed and you're left with just boring green leaves? Charlie Dimmock plants some seeds of ideas.

Create A Feng Shui Garden
The ancient art of feng shui is usually used to improve the energy inside a home. But in The Early Show's "Simple Pleasures" series, Scott Meyer of Organic Gardening magazine shows how it can work in your garden as well.

A House Full Of Blooms
Bring spring into your home a little early. House & Garden's gardening editor, Stephen Orr, visits The Early Show to demonstrate how to produce beautiful blooms indoors, by simply forcing branches.

Keeping Your Plants Fruitful
Charlie Dimmock, The Early Show's gardening guru, shares the best ways to grow your own salad during the summer, and keep the bounty going strong!

Gardens With Little Light
Get a lush, colorful garden, even if most of your yard is covered by shade. The Early Show "horticultural Houdini" Charlie Dimmock shares tricks to make it a naturally interesting area perfect for the summer months.

Your Plants Need A Drink, Too
The sun and dry weather make this a stressful time for plants. So gardening guru Charlie Dimmock has some summer maintenance tips to keep them blooming and looking beautiful.

Lush Lawns Under The Sun
It's August and it's so HOT that lawns need extra care to stay green and healthy. On Saturday The Early Show, garden designer P. Allen Smith tells you all you need to know about mowing, watering and feeding your lawn.

Longer Lasting Produce
Summer is a great time for fruits and vegetables, says Chris Kimball, founder and editor of Cook's Illustrated magazine. Kimball provides some ideas to keep produce unspoiled longer in the days of summer.

Safe And Happy In The Garden
House & Garden magazine's Steve Orr offered some tips on The Saturday Early Show to keep kids safe during their time in the gardens. He also suggested some gardening activities that will keep the children happily occupied.

Surprise! Roses Are Easy To Grow
Roses are a popular, beautiful flower. But with so many varieties, how do you choose one that's right for you? British gardener Charlie Dimmock offered basic tips on choosing and caring for roses.

Gardening And Keeping Hands Soft
Beauty and wellness contributor Dayle Haddon of The Early Show has tips on how to prevent skin from getting damaged from chemicals, dryness, wetness and sun exposure while gardening.

Plants That Can Stand The Heat
Garden designer P. Allen Smith suggested a few plants that can thrive in the warmer season, to update your spring garden. He also talked about how to maintain the summer plants' luster.

Florals : Seeds of Imagination
Artist and party planner David Spark provided some ideas on The Early Show on to spruce up the home with flowers and arrangements.

Gardening? Think Vertical
If you've filled your yard with flowers, there's still room to grow - up! Garden designer P. Allen Smith shows a variety of ways to garden on the vertical.

Best Bets For Lawn Mowers
Consumer Reports test engineer Tom Mutchler has tips on how to buy the best mower for your lawn.

Summer Evening Bloom
Night bloomers are a fragrant way to brighten up your flower pots, and they make a lot of sense for people who aren't around during the day to enjoy their flowers. P. Allen Smith reported for The Saturday Early Show.

Gardening With The Kids
Once the kids are officially home for the summer, you may be looking for fun ways to spend time with them, while expanding their interests. Gardening definitely fits the bill. Family Fun magazine's Deanna Cook has great ideas.

Summer Care For The Garden
A few simple precautions can keep your garden safe from pests and other hazards related to the season of heat and humidity.

Vacation Gardening Tips
Wondering how your plants will survive while you are away? Learn how your garden can tend itself while you're gone.